Nikon Music Video Award

Q&A at the Nikon/ Filmbase Music Video Award screening in the Lighthouse Cinema, Dublin, last night. We got to see our music video 'Floating' for My Fellow Sponges on the big screen.


Floating - That's a wrap

Huge thanks to the cast and crew for this music video, soon going into post production. Shot in row boats on a lake in the wet and windy county Galway, it was an interesting production to say the least. The video accompanies the track ‘Floating’ by My Fellow Sponges and will be released soon. Directed by Mia Mullarkey.


Winner - Nikon Music Video Award

Ishka Films won the Filmbase / Nikon Music Video competition and will be awarded a week of free equipment hire followed by free access to post production facilities at Filmbase. We’ll be using these resources to make a music video for My Fellow Sponges. We’re excited.

My Fellow Sponges
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