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As a little boy Jody never really 'blended in' according to his father. From being excluded at school to the first exhibition of his paintings, the film takes us into Jody's world, a world of unusual obstacles and humorous insights, a world of Asperger’s Syndrome. Despite his inability to read or write well Jody expresses himself through poetry, with his mother by his side scribing his words and his father sharing some helpful philosophies. This short documentary was written, directed and produced by Jody’s sister Mia Mullarkey with music by his other sister Anna Mullarkey.

Completed 2011
Length: 18mins

Screened at 16mmTV 2012, USA.
Screened at Community Channel 2012, UK.
Screened at Irish Reels Film Festival 2012, USA.
Screened at Best of the West, Filmbase 2011, Ireland.

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© Mia Mullarkey 2011